Designed by a
beauty expert
tested by men

The brainchild of Scottish businesswoman and beauty therapist Marianne Morrison, STOER Skincare For Men began life in response to the skin concerns of the men she previously worked with. For some, those concerns were dryness and irritation and for others oiliness, breakouts and razor bumps. But although each man’s concerns were different, she soon realised that one factor played a part in all their skin issues, whether they came from a remote rural township or worked in a bustling inner city - the environment.

After discovering that few men’s skincare brands dealt directly with the on-going battle between men’s skin and the environment, the idea for STOER quickly took shape and Marianne set about creating a range of high-tech but easy-to-use products that would act as the ultimate defence shield for men’s skin.


Key to turning this idea into reality was the sourcing of ingredients that would not only help improve the look and feel of skin but would protect it from pollution, adverse weather and environmental aggressors inside the home like central heating too. What emerged from exhaustive research was STOER’S signature Clima5 Technology – a unique blend of five skin-saving plant actives from four very different but individually challenging climates. To ensure the maximum effectiveness of these ingredients, Clima5 was then encapsulated in cutting edge ‘cosmetic drone’ technology which delivers them deep into the skin where they can do the most good.

A place of

The environment was also the inspiration for the brand’s name. A small village on Scotland’s west coast, Stoer is a cherished place in Marianne’s heart since she has family roots there and its extremes of climate (all types of weather can strike in a single day) perfectly echoed the ‘environmental shield’ aspect of STOER’s skin-protecting formulations.

“The wild stag roams Stoer’s rugged wilderness, enduring the ever changing climate, making it the perfect brand icon.”